Character Profiles


Species: Red Panda

Eye Color: Sky Blue

Reasons For Racing: To finally beat his greatest rival, Locke.

Other Info: Desmond is convinced he's the baddest of the bad. He'll do anything to make himself look cooler, but because he's so self absorbed, he has a tendency to make himself look more like an idiot than anything.


Species: Raccoon

Eye Color: Forest Green

Reasons For Racing: Because Desmond told him to

Other Info: Locke is a very happy-go-lucky guy. He enjoys life and he loves everything about it. He enjoys life so much that he has a tendency to be a bit oblivious. He thinks Desmond is his best friend and is completely unaware of Desmond's rivalry with him.


Species: Opossum

Eye Color: Goldenrod

Reasons For Racing: He isn't.

Other Info: Mearkz is a mechanic. He's usually the one who builds Desmond's racing equipment, although it's more because he's intimidated by Desmond than anything. He's a little bit eccentric and believes that there are aliens out there and claims to have met and fallen in love with one. Everyone else thinks he's just downright crazy.

Miss Lucy "Brandy" Muffin

Species: Domesticated Dog (Pomeranian)

Eye Color: Pink

Reasons For Racing: She isn't

Other Info: Brandy's owners like to visit Blue Boulder National Park on a regular basis because they're big into bike riding and hiking. The park has a Dog Park, which they leave Brandy in, because they're under the false impression that Brandy likes it there. Which she doesn't. So every time they leave her there, she sneaks out because she finds the other dogs to be very barbaric and filthy. She doesn't find the wild animals of Blue Boulder to be much cleaner, but at least they're more her size. She agrees to help with things with the races such as sign ups and that sort of thing only because she has nothing better to do.

Sgt. Octofox

Species: Japanese Fox

Eye Color: Red

Reasons For Racing: Unknown

Other Info: Sgt. Octofox is a war hero from a far off land. Or so he claims. Although it's obvious to the other animals that he's not from around here, there's something about him that doesn't seem quite right. Some of the other animals thing that tail he wears on his neck is actually a growth on the back of his head. Why he wears it though, is a mystery, although he seems to have a certain disturbing fondness for other animals tails.


Species: Quoll

Eye Color: Orange

Reasons For Racing: For respect

Other Info: Wicker also isn't from around here. He hails from the land down under. He was illegally brought over to this country, and escaped, and now lives in Blue Boulder. However, he doesn't feel like he gets the respect he deserves. The other animals aren't sure -what- he is and tend to assume he's just a stray cat.


Species: Skunk

Eye Color: Lavender

Reasons For Racing: The riches

Other Info: Tax is a business-skunk. He won't do anything unless there's some kind of payout in the end, but he won't hesitate to even kill for one acorn if that's what it takes. He is the second richest animal in Blue Boulder, only being second to the great Don Squabblenuts, and he hopes he will one day be even richer than him.


Species: Jackrabbit

Eye Color: White

Reasons For Racing: Food for the winter

Other Info: Donatello doesn't say much. He doesn't seem to think much either. He spent the whole summer sitting outside his tree watching the days pass by, and forgot that winter was coming up. He's allergic to roots, so unlike most rabbits, he can't live on that, so he has no choice but to store acorns like a rodent.

The Squirrel Mafia

Species: Red and Gray Squirrels

Eye Color: various

Reasons For Racing: Control

Other Info: The Squirrel Mafia are the ones behind the race. They arrange it every year, and they always come in first every year. The other animals are just so used to it that they never rise up and do anything about it. They just hope that one day someone other than the mafia actually wins.

They are led by Don Squabblenuts, and this year the two squirrels who will be racing are Basil and Lilac (Seen in this profile picture here).