About the Comic:

Acceleration Blue Boulder is a comic about a bunch of cute little forest animals doing cute/stupid things in order to win a race. The grand prize for winning is 500 acorns, which is their form of currency. Some of them are in it for the fame and glory while others are in it because winter is coming up and they were too busy slacking off to collect food, and this is their big chance to make up for it.

History of Acceleration Blue Boulder (because there is one!):

I originally started this comic a couple years ago, in order to practice keeping up with personal deadlines and to prepare for a big comic project I've been planning for awhile called Darkness Waves. The original title of ABB was actually Kleine Luftballoon, because the animals are flying around in little balloons, but I realized this name wasn't really appropriate since the comic doesn't take place in Germany, and none of the critters are German. Due to complications such as life and school, I never got very far with it, and I only ever sketched a couple of the pages.

My school then offered a course on webcomics that I ended up taking and I decided to just go ahead and use the idea for class. I had a few other ideas I thought about using, but I decided that ABB would be the easiest for me to tackle since I had already done a lot of developing on it beforehand.

About the Artist/Writer:

I am currently a 21 year old Sequential Art student at the Savannah College of Art and Design. There really isn't anything to know about me that's relevant to this comic besides the obvious. Well, besides how many of the backgrounds are heavily influenced by scenery out in Colorado (which I consider to be my home state), most notably the red wonder known as Red Rocks.

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